You can be a fashion icon

What do fashion icons like Bipasha Basu, Malaika Arora, Kareena Kapoor and fashion designer Katrina Kaif have in common? They all have their own style. It’s logical, you’ll say – that’s exactly the reason that they’re considered “fashion icons”. Let’s think a little bit more about this.

Why do we follow and imitate “fashion icons”? What do we want from them? Does it simply amuses us to watch how they dress? Or do we want to be just like them? Perhaps we try to discover their secrets by analyzing their look in every little detail. If so, the answer won’t come as a surprise – their secret lies in the fact that they have their own personal style. So if our goal is become “like them”, all we have to do is develop our own personal style. It’s that simple! How to do that? Here are some tips:

Don’t try to copy the trends of the moment, but instead interpret them to suit your own personality. Don’t be a fashion victim!

If you haven’t discovered your own style yet, study some photos of you from when you were younger. How did you dress then? What outfits appealed to you most when you were a child? This could make you realize what you really like to wear (as opposed to what you’re influenced to wear by the fashion magazines).

Shop with your heart. When you go shopping, try to be guided by your own taste and not the taste of friends or store clerks. Choose clothing items that you instantly feel attracted to.

Mix pieces of the last collections with new pieces. It is exactly this way of mixing different clothing items that will make your outfit special and unique.

Don’t fear being different from the others!

Having your own style also means knowing how to dress tastefully. In order to develop a certain style, you require a little planning ahead. Always try to spend a little time to analyze how different pieces of your wardrobe go together. Even though you choose your outfits carefully, make them look natural (and not too studied).

Dress for yourself, and not for the others – and especially not for the men! Just be yourself and make sure your style reflects your own personality. This way you’ll be a lot more attractive than by wearing revealing clothes in which you probably don’t feel comfortable ..

Take good care of your general aspect (hair, nails, skin).

Believe in your own style, regardless how much (or less) the others like it. Wear your outfits with pride. In the end, you’ll only admire and follow one fashion icon: yourself.

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