Yes, Divas…We CanCan!!!

Hey Metroholicas!

We all grew up watching Disney’s fairytales and always got amazed by it but what intrigued Metroholica wasn’t the story and its happy ending but Metroholica always got fascinated by the beautiful gowns and dresses, those flares always got me go whirl.

That was the time when wearing those gowns was nothing less than a fantasy but gone are those days.

Wearing a flared gown and dress is easily accessible for everyone nowadays because of the CanCan.

CanCan is basically a mesh of net which is used for giving a dress more volume and fluffiness. The more the layers of CanCan, the more will be the volume of your dress.

Back in the historical times, CanCan dresses were used during the CanCan dance only because the dance needed flared dresses, it added the essence in the dance.

If you dream of wearing a flared dress at your wedding or any other such occassion, then ask your designer or boutique to add the CanCan to it. If you are getting your dress made by a designer, then he must be well aware about which type of CanCan should be added in certain fabric and how much volume that fabric can hold but if you are getting it stitched by other boutique then let me tell you that there are two types of CanCan:-

Soft net:- If you are the bride yourself, then a soft net CanCan is perfect for you because that will be easy to hold and sit back especially if you are an Indian bride and wearing a lehenga, you have to sit on the floor or low chair and a hard net lehenga will make it difficult for you.

Hard net:- A hard net CanCan helps you in adding a huge amount of volume to your dress, so if you are a bridesmaid or going to wear your lehenga or gown at any other big occasion, then you can add a hard net CanCan to your preffred dress.

You also need to remember some more points while you add CanCan to your outfit.

● Adding CanCan will definitely add some more weight to your lehenga, we know you want voluminous lehenga but a stiff fabric like raw silk will need lesser amount of layers as compared to a fabric like chiffon, velvet or georgette.

● If you are a curvy girl, do remember the volume added by CanCan will make you look a bit bulky, so it is advisable to ask your tailor to add the CanCan from your thighs or below knees.

● A CanCan can be added to your dress in 2 ways, get it stitched with a dress forever or make a detachable CanCan or buy a readymade CanCan which is also easily available everywhere nowadays, you just have to wear that CanCan like a petticoat under your dress, the benefit of buying a CanCan skirt is that you can repeat it under any other dress too.

● A CanCan may stick to your dress when you sit, so if you are a bride then ask your friend to settle the CanCan with her hands to make it fluffy again before making an entry to the stage or before getting your pictures clicked too.

So these were the few points to always keep in mind while wearing a dress which has CanCan, so Metroholicas, it’s time to write your fairytale yourself and dontd forget to twirl…..Be Fashionable…!!!





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