No more the trend of dull and dark colors, this spring/summer. Rather, not only this current spring/summer 2009, but the whole year belongs to Mimosa Yellow, a trendy variation of all-time hit of yellow. You can relate this fashion color, an innovation of color giant Pantone, to a soon-to-ripe papaya or a shining orange.

Bold and bright colors prom dresses are in fashion this year. Washed out whites and light pastels are out. For this reason, yellow will be the right choice. This color will be vibrant to bring out the attractive facial features in a person. Yellow says you are approachable and fun.

Yellow has been hailed as the main color of 2009, although it is followed closely by other important colors. “It’s been a hot color on European runways for the past two seasons, and now it has jumped the pond. Everyone needs cheering up these days, and nothing’s better for making sad spirits soar than eying a bunch of sunny daffodils.

Yellow can also be paired with other color dresses to attain a gorgeous look. It may be more flattering if you pair it with an item in a more flattering shade. Dark greens, gingers, grays, browns and blues can all be very sophisticated choices that work well with yellow tones. Find unusual colors to pair with yellow.

Every color has different shades and it barely happens that every shade will suit your skin tone. There is one proper shade that will flatter you, opt it. Like, bright yellow shade is good for dark skinned women. They can carry it off very well. Similarly, a fair skinned woman looks good in softer shade of yellow. It glows their skin more. Like this it goes on for other skin tones also. Look for yellows that complement your skin tone. But for doing this, knowledge of shades and which shade is suitable for your skin is must have. To know this can be a fun and enlightening experience.

Yellow looks very well on tanned skins. If you go out in a sun and return with a tanned skin, try yellow dress or suit over your skin and find a beautiful girl in you. It goes well with new darker skin tone. So it shows that yellow looks attractive on sun kissed skin.

The color yellow not only makes a fashionable scene but this color is good psychologically also Yellow can make you feel open to new ideas, while making you feel confident and happy. It is a great color to wear when learning or trying to absorb new information. It makes you feel warm and alert.

. So this spring/summer, whatever you buy, right from your fashion accessories to your fashion apparel, dare not to think of buying anything dipped in any other color. Definitely, Yellow is the color of year 2009, so it will rule!

So girls hurry up and add yellow color to your wardrobe in any form a dress,accessories,bags shoes….just buy it and become a yellow yellow fashionable fellow, and be Fashionable…!!!!!

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