What to wear on Valentines Day

February is just ready to come and so is the Valentine's Day. All the couples wait for this day as it is the most beautiful day of the year for them. And we are here to help to look your best on that day. 

What you are going to wear on Valentine's Day also depends on where you are going with your date on that special day. Here are some simple tips for you


1.) Like if you have a daytime date simple jeans with a sexy top will do. Try to avoid   heels for daytime, but don't choose boring flats, go for a cute pair of ballerinas that too with detailing.


2.) If your mate is taking you to a lounge, then opt for a body-skimming dress in a pretty color.



3.) If you are going to accompany your date for coffee…you can also wear a skirt and top, but don't choose short skirt, else go for a knee length skirt.


4.) You and your mate loves to dance and if you are going for dancing or clubbing, then  You know you're going to work up a sweat  so try a lightweight, bright cami to fit the flavor.


5.) If you are going for a dinner at sophisticated place then choose a gown or prom dress, footwear is no restriction, you can choose heels or flats, whatever goes with your dress.


6.) Make an impression at a fancy party by showing some skin in a one-shouldered dress.


7.) Stand out from the crowd at a house party or bar in a dress with unexpected details like bows and pleats.


8.) The colors that will be good for that day are tints and shades of red for e.g. Pink. Other colors are Purple; blue etc. black is most sexy and elegant color which suits to every occasion but try to avoid white on Valentines Day.


9.) Another option is it's the day for you both then try a dress which he likes to see you in whatever it is.        


            Do not forget to carry a smart bag along as it makes a great fashion statement. But don't go for an over-sized bag for that day, a small cute (heart shaped) handbag will do, even a smart clutch will be a good idea.




 Wearing red is considered well for Valentines Day because red is known as the color of love…but don't go for a top to bottom red color look coz it's very common even red lipstick will do.or red nail paint.


But don't experiment with your looks on that day, like don't wear any garment in which you are not comfortable. Dress according to your looks and size.


      And in the end if you partner really loves, it will not effect him what you are wearing, for him you will look beautiful in every outfit, I know it sounds filmy but it's true

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