What kinda hubby you want?


The Fatherly Husband: This old almost
father-like husband is favourite amongst young girls who want nothing but money. He’s a billionaire, multi-married and is prone to heart attacks! A new young wife immediately puts the grandfather hubby on a diet. There’ll be dramatic weight loss, booze-free, no smoking and coloured hair days. The idea is to keep him fit until he signs everything to his dear wife. Remember, Anna Nicole Smith, 26 and how she married billionaire J. Howard Marshall, 89. Sometimes money takes over love issues!
The Gay Husband: He is a husband, just for the namesake. The fact that he seems to have gay male friends could be hint. Gay husband is a pain as his true love and feelings is for someone of same sex. Remember the movie, Brokeback Mountain. The man-on-man stories are really catching up. So, ladies better be careful. The Super-Ugly, Rich Husband: He’s got everything except the looks. He has the ego of 10 men; he thinks he is God, pays for everyone and everything. Cherry on the top, he will have the most beautiful woman by his side. When you see this couple in a party, the first things that come to your mind are ‘How could she?’ or ‘Does she really have sex with him?’. This husband is surviving because he’s got money everywhere. He’ll pamper her with diamonds, new houses and she’ll stick to him till his money disappears.
The Greedy Husband: He is too lazy to work and earn huge bucks. The easy way out is to hunt out for a multi-millionaire girl irrespective of her looks. All he wants is a BMW, the wine, cigars, penthouse, club memberships – but he’s not prepared to work hard for them. Fortune-hunting husband is basically a charming, lazy guy.
The Flirty Husband: He has a nice wife but still he is greedy and loves to be surrounded by other beauties too. He can’t help groping his way through his wife’s friends, female coworkers, lady doctors — basically any female with good looks. He won’t ever miss a chance of dropping or picking wife’s cousins or female friends to the airport or passing comments like ‘Sorry, but I can’t stop staring at your deep brown eyes’. He’s the sort of man that is incapable of being faithful. No love is true love for him; he can slip for any attractive girl.
The Always Penniless Husband: The relationship starts off with thousand promises but soon all the charm fades away. He is unemployable, sitting at home eating and watching football. His parents thought he will realize his responsibilities after marriage, but no gain. The wife takes nearly no maternity leave and seems to be supporting her entire household on her salary alone. Truly, this husband is a life sentence of misery.
The Friendly Hubby: He’s not a bad husband but his life is dedicated to his own social advancement. He cares too much about the parties, hanging with friends, night outs, travelling, long drives with his buddies. He is so very excited about these things, that he won’t even mind taking over his wife’s social life. He doesn’t believe in staying at home, he wants to have blast every night. This kind of husband can drive his wife to social madness.
The Almost Perfect Husband: On the face, he appears to be a dream husband but in reality he is too irritating. He’s attentive, caring, loving, polite, well-dressed but always hovering near his wife, interrupting when she’s on phone, checking how much she’s been eating, drinking and spending. He’s just too much to handle. He turns up everywhere his wife goes at lunches, parties and he secretly hates her to have any friends and forbids her to even work. He basically shows he is a gem of a husband but he is a real pain. He looks like a perfect guy but he ain’t

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