What is style statement for summer 2008?


There are a number of summer trends that would score highly in the office and dating department.

1. Fluid Flares

In complete contrast to last year’s sleek silhouette, elegant wide-legged or flared trousers are practical and wearable for most figures. Teemed with a fluid jacket, this is a much more sophisticated and feminine style, allowing you to swish through the office or wow your prospective date. Great for covering up arms and legs too. Influenced by the 1930’s and 40’s, wear them belted and slightly higher on the waist, to stop them slouching. Top flares off with a straw trilby, Linday Lohan style, for added effect.

2. Grecian Gowns

This has to be a favorite fashion trend this year as “goddess dressing” can work well with so many shapes and sizes. With a variation on styles, Grecian glamour is achievable with tunics, toga-style mini dresses or floaty and sophisticated full-length gowns.

3. Statement Shoes

If you are on the short side, then a pair of statement shoes will be a prerequisite to accompany the flowing trousers or a long floaty dress. Witfhout a pair of four-inch stilettos or chunky heels, it is unlikely that you will have the height to truly carry off these styles.

Statement shoes don’t have to have be high to be trendy. Sophisticated ballet flats look great for the office. This year there is an amazing array of styles and heights; the only golden rule is they must have this season’s fabulous decoration.

4. Stars and Checks

Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Karl Lagerfeld, Gucci and Jaeger are just some of the main fashion houses giving their outfits the star treatment , according to Marie Claire. Scattered star print frocks, star appliqué on jackets and dresses, with brooches and bold necklaces providing a twinkle.

Kate Moss recently gave fashion house Jaeger a boost by wearing a black, star print blouse.

Sharp checks have a more stabilizing influence for the office, toughening up the prints and providing a contrast to “dreamy prints that dominated the shows”, observed Saunders.

5. Full and Flared Skirts

Knee-length flirty and feminine skirts provide an air of practicality, flaring out from narrow belts and fitted tops. Admittedly these fall more into the dating than work category but are a marked improvement on the wearability of last year’s unwearable bubble skirt!

What’s Not Hot for Work (But Okay for Play!)

Falling into the indulgences category rather than practicality, three trends deserve a special mention. Depending on your viewpoint (and your self-confidence) these may be filed under “unwearable” or if brave enough, worn on a date.

6. Pajamas

“What could be softer than clothes fit for sleeping in?” declares Sander’s in Marie Claire. Lingerie-inspired slip dresses are the order of the day and designers Marc Jacob and Stella McCartney are major influences in “duvet-day-dressing.” However, the pajama trend is not for the faint hearted, as walking around, showing off your underwear, may send the wrong message to your beau! Definately impractical for work but seriously saucy!

7. Cocktail Shorts

A variation on last year’s theme of Business Shorts. Silky shorts become glamorous, baggy and even shorter, in this latest trend in sexy evening wear. Unless you want to distract the waiter, steer clear of these on a first date!

8. Something See-Through

With the season’s transparent fabrics and soft layered looks it is easy to feel like a princess. This year designers push the trend for sheer fabrics to the limit but go for loose and floaty rather than tight and clingy. Radical see-through skirts and pants are best avoided unless worn with boy shorts underneath. Sheer blouses work well if tastefully worn over camisole or pretty T-shirt tops.

If you want to make a good impression in the office or on a date, remember, subtle is sexy; vulgar is not! With spring and summer’s softer, flowing styles there is plenty of choice this year for all shapes and sizes.

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