What causes weight gain menopause?

The following are just some of the most common reasons that lead to weight gain. Younger women should aware of these causes so they can plan some ways to avoid gaining weight too much at the menopausal stage of life.

1. Lack of exercise or reduced levels of exercise.

This is the considered as the number one reason why more and more women experience menopause weight gain. Studies indicate that as women age, they tend to move slower and are less energised. This leads to them accumulating fats in specific areas of their bodies.

To avoid menopausal weight gain, younger women or even those who perimenopausal (approaching menopause) can start increasing their physical activities by having regular daily exercise and a workout that is specially designed for them and within their physical capabilities (suited to their age and level of fitness).

2. Increased food intake. This is another major reason why women gain too much weight during their menopausal stage. Experts say that as women grow older, their appetite increases which leads to the accumulation of too many calories which later on turn to fat since they are utilised as they are by younger women who are more active.

3. Inability to burn as many calories.

Some studies suggest that this is also a significant factor that contributes to menopause weight gain since the body replaces this excess fat with calories more easily which are subsequently harder to burn off. Once the muscle growth slows in the body and is replaced with fat, the bodies metabolism will be slowed as a result which will lead to even more deposits of fats in the body.

It is also suggested by doctors and researchers that women who have menopause weight gain in their family histories are more prone to this condition.

To avoid suffering from the concerns over menopausal weight gain it is best to start to include more healthy foods in the diet, take regular physical exercise and visit the doctor once in a while for a general check up on your health

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