Want to get delicious looking lips?

Just remember these handy makeup tips when you begin to apply lipstick next time.
As we age, the skin around our lips wrinkles and this makes lipstick bleed into the grooves. To avoid this, use a lip liner. Liner creates a barrier that keeps colour where you want it. If you don’t want it to look too gaudy, go for those clear, wax-based versions.
Another no-bleed trick:
Lightly dust powder above lips to keep the area dry (any moisture there will encourage feathering).
Thin lips?
That’s due to loss of collagen and fat. But worry not. These days, plumpers are a plenty in the market. Try tinted balms to get that glossy, pouty effect. Prefer lipstick? With a lip brush, apply foundation just beyond your mouth’s outer edges, then cover lips and the foundation area with lipstick.
Chapped lips?
A lip-specific exfoliant with gentle scrubbers that can remove flakes are the solution. Once you scrub, apply a lip balm.

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