Wanna make Ex-Boyfriend Miss you

Always remember needs a lot of patience and an honest approach from your side.


1.) Introspection: The first and foremost thing to do is to look within you and do a bit of introspection. Yes, try to find out your best traits and qualities that were appreciated by your Ex. Do strengthen those lovable traits that would make you more charming and work upon your weaknesses. Try to find out the reasons as why your ex left you! (I know it is very difficult to think what makes ones heart hurt, but for the last time you have to do it).

(2.) Be the most desired person: After the must needed introspection, get ready to be the most desirable and lovable person. For becoming the most eligible person, you have to do nothing but just be yourself. Yes, no need to be someone else, just enhance your personality and work on your looks. Be a magnet and not the iron.

(3.) No Desperation: Yes! Don’t be too desperate to meet your Ex or calling him/her again and again to give out the impression of a loser. Nobody likes a loser, so take a chill pill and treat this time as a testing time of your love. At the same time, try to make him/her realize that you still do exist in this world. Go out with common friends and impress them by your charming and affectionate personality. Trust me, the radiations of your true love would automatically be conveyed to him/her.

(4.) The weapon of jealousy is effective but I don’t recommend it: he/she may feel jealous after seeing you with someone else and you could be successful in making him/her miss you. However, if you not only want him/her miss you but want to make him/her yours forever, then too much jealousy can be harmful for your relationship.

(5.) You are the best thing ever happened to your Ex: have a firm belief that ‘your love’ is the best thing that has ever happened to him/her. When you feel that it is the right time to be together with your Ex, then don’t be shy in talking to him/her. Have a dignified conversation without any bitterness of the past, adding a pinch of romantic element in it. If you are going to meet him/her, then don’t forget, if you are a male to wear the shirt she gave you or take her favourite flowers for her and if you are a female, then wear a dazzling dress of his favourite colour or wearing the necklace or anything that he gifted to you. But do keep in mind that your eyes should speak about the intensity of your love and Body language should be just awesome.


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