In this scorching swelter of summers, we want to look best and stylish and we always try to be with the trend but sweat washes away our style statements. But we fashion followers never anguish in any kind of weather because the fashion industry has a lot in stock for us always and in this summer season other than the bright colors, prints are back again and in a huge range of patters, motifs and fabrics.

Prints always are best to wear in summers because they give you a slender and verdant feeling and you can wear them according to the vicinity or occasion where you are going, you can even wear them according to your tenor but they are a must have in this season. And another best thing about prints is that once you will add them in your wardrobe, you don’t have to worry about updating them or throwing them away the next season because prints can be considered as classic fashion as they never go out of trend.

Prints, printed fabrics, dresses are for everyone irrespective of age, height, skin tones and size. Yes, size is also not a thing to worry about. Many people think that prints are not considered well for plus size women and that they should avoid them. But no, it’s not completely correct, they can wear prints too.

You just have to keep in mind few miniature things and you are ready to wear and flaunt prints too. We at www.metroholica.com keep in mind the requisites and desires of everyone because we want to make everyone the trendsetter and dauntless. So we are here to help all women with carrying the prints out of their wardrobes on the roads, to parties and everywhere.

The most fascinating prints which everyone loves to wear are Floral Prints and why not they make you feel fresh and make you blossom. People say that a plus size woman should stay away from them but we don’t think so because everyone should spread the fragrance everywhere, not always by perfumes but sometimes by prints too. So you can also wear them just by keeping in mind that when you choose floral prints buy the bold ones and avoid the tiny ones. And if possible buy the floral prints which are two toned i.e. which have two colors simultaneously.

Animal prints especially the leopard prints are very in thing in this year summer/spring season and everyone should buy them. And yes you can buy them too just try to avoid the animal prints that comes in bright colors should be avoided and instead go for the earthy tones when you are going to buy animal prints.

Women loves to keep themselves updated with fashion and they wish to supersede every trend and want to have them in their wardrobe but they forget that fashion doesn’t always means to follow everything that is in vogue sometimes they need to understand that, yes, they can wear anything they want but they should be meticulous about the do’s and don’ts. One of the print in which plus size women go perverse is prints with smaller patterns, one should avoid smaller prints as much as they can but still if you want to wear them anyhow, go for the tops or shirts which have smaller prints rather than buying a complete one piece dress.

Stripes a lot of people love them and want to wear them but you should not bustle in buying one but that doesn’t mean that you can’t have one. You just have to completely avoid horizontal stripes as they not make you look good, else you should go for the vertical stripes as they not only makes you look taller but also makes you look a bit slimmer by elongating your body. And if you will add them in your wardrobe, your desire to wear stripes will be fulfilled.

Size doesn’t matters to us, if you want to pursue every trend and want to look like an impeccable fashion lover, we are always here to mentor you, just pursue the counsel we give to you and you can severe every regimen that you should avoid anything and Be Fashionable….!!!

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