Love is like quicksilver in the hand. Leave the fingers open and it stays. Clutch it, and it darts away. Love is the master key that opens the gates of happiness Love is the irresistible desire to be irresistibly desired .

Don’t get confused my dear fashionistas, I haven’t changed my profession, I am not here give you love tips because I am only good @ giving fashion tips, I am just saying these line because the valentine day is coming, the day which makes you feel special because it is special occasion for everyone who is in love and on this special day you have to look your best, and as always I am here to help you.

clutchI always tell what should you wear, but today I will tell you what should you not wear this valentine. The first and the most important thing you should keep in mind is, wear what makes you feel comfortable or what suits you, going on date doesn’t means going on red carpet, otherwise besides giving attention to your spouse, you will only be giving attention to your dress.

Secondly, remember its just valentine day….not your wedding day, so, keep your make-up very minimal, guys like girls with natural beauty. Thirdly, don’t go for too loud hairstyles, try to avoid wigs, just keep your hair simple, go for a straight hair look or layers or few curls will also help. That little black dress looks sexy and suits every occasion, but this valentine don’t wear anything that is too short and revealing.

I know girls you like wearing harem pants, they make you very comfortable but girls don’t you dare wear them on valentine day, you are not going to hang around with you college friends. Whatever you wear, please don’t wear flats with them, they are in fashion but for that day heels are perfect but don’t extend you heels more than 3 inches. And now as I have told you what not to wear, I think I should give you a few tips on what should you wear.

OneShoulderTopIf you are going on a dinner that day, than wear a one piece dress but not too long and not too short, it should be knee length. And if you are going out in day time than jeans will do the best with a nice cute top, it can be a one shoulder top, or bell sleeve or bishop sleeve top. And if don’t know where your guy is taking you, you will at least be knowing at what time you are going, than dress accordingly as mentioned above. And the colors for the evening are red, black and pink, I mean they are the must to add colors, don’t go for a overall red look, just mix n mix n match them.

And one more thing, I know you will be pampered that day with lots of gifts, but it doesn’t means that you should carry a big bag, don’t carry it, else carry a cute and stylish looking clutch with whatever you wear @ whatever time you are going. And the most important thing is whatever you wear, don’t forget to carry a smile on your face as you will look best with that and I am sure that your beloved will also love it the most as they say “beauty lies in the eyes of beholder”.


So dear metroholicas just follow these simple rules and Be Fashionable….!!!

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