Ultimate dating tips

Dress To Impress

Do think about your outfit. Even if he doesn’t know his Prada from his Primark, what you wear will make an impression, if only a sub-conscious one. Don’t try to be too sexy by wearing low-cut tops or short skirts; at this early stage, he’s more likely to be turned on by what he can’t see than what he can. Opt for something that’s neat but not too smart.

No Place For Exes

Don’t talk about exes. It seems so obvious but this is a trap many first daters find themselves falling into. If you spend the entire evening recalling the details of your past relationships or, worse, trying to find out the details of his, he’s unlikely to call you again. Save this discussion until you know each other a little better.

Alcohol Alert

Don’t get drunk. Everyone knows that first dates are nerve-wracking experiences but downing a bottle of wine before the starters have come is going to impair your judgment and make you say or do things you don’t want to. Stick to a few glasses and drink lots of water.

Common Ground

Do find out what you have in common. Do you both like a particular film or have you both been on holiday to the same place? Keep topics general and, if you get on, you should find the conversation runs smoothly. Just be yourself and don’t lie to impress him.

Positive Attitude

Do be positive – there are few things more attractive to a man. Don’t dwell on your faults but tell him about the things you enjoy and have achieved. If you like something he’s wearing or what he’s said, don’t be afraid to complement him. Your upbeat attitude is bound to win him over!

Listen Carefully

Do listen. It’s easy when you’re nervous to find yourself chattering on, but do make the effort to listen to what he has to say. If you don’t, he might think that you’re only interested in yourself.

Get Some Perspective
Don’t be upset if he doesn’t call you again. You have to put a first date in perspective – it’s a chance to meet to see if something more could happen. If nothing does, don’t think there’s something wrong with you; some people just don’t click. Get out there and find someone else.

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