Skin disorders such as pigmentation or discolouration of skin not only affect your physical health, but also your emotional well-being. Pigmentation is the coloration of living tissues. It appears as a blotchy, brownish pigmentation on the face and body.
Repeated pregnancies can intensify pigmentation. So can exposure to sun, following the use of deodorant soaps, scented toiletries, and various cosmetics can also produce this mottled pigmentation. This is called a phototoxic reaction and is due to ultraviolet radiation being absorbed by the chemical substance (perfume, cologne or fragrance) on the skin.
And for those who want their skin colour back, New Look laser clinic offers a wide range of treatments for both surface-deep and long-standing skin problems.
Laser can be used to treat larger parts of the body more quickly and effectively. It does not cause any irritation, discoloration or inflammation. As laser light is passed over skin, a mere 30 millionth of an inch of tissue is removed at a time. No anesthesia is used and most people describe the sensation as similar to that of sunburn.
Noticeable results are typically seen in a few days, with complete healing in just a few weeks. Most patients can be treated over the weekend and be healed by the following Monday. So don’t wait, get that gorgeous flawless skin back without any surgery.

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