Traditionally Western (Diwali Special)

054615695aa9d7026560d17eb06e5fed Boom! Baam! These noises makes us realise that festive season is here. All the  fashion divas must be busy in shopping gifts, sweets ,decorative items etc.
Markets are full of options to buy these things, shops are flooded with things to  make your festival extravagant but even after shopping all day , a lot of  metroholicas must be coming empty handed when it will be coming to clothes.
We all love following and flaunting western trends in our day to day lives but the  little traditional sides of ours always gets vigilant when festivals come and then  we always end up wearing suits and sarees but we wish if we could wear  something traditional with a western touch.
So metroholicas stop indulging your precious time in thinking what to wear this  festive season as we are here to do that for you.
Remember our article on Palazzos which we posted few months back? Go and  read it again  as that article is the explication for all your doubts.
Yes , we are asking you to wear Palazzos traditionally by buying the embroided  palazzos, self prints or prints which have motifs like paisleys and on the top flaunt  a kurti ,a long one or knee length or even a short one ,any of these styles will give  palazzos a traditional look.
There are enormous options of palazzos and kurti sets in markets to choose from  but in case you fail to get them in pair ,open your fashion sense and go for the  mix ‘n’ match or get them custom made of your choice from your favourite  boutique who knows your perfect fit.
Red, royal blue ,green, orange , fuchsia pink ,white and golden are the colors  which will spice up your traditional look , don’t forget to wear dupatta,   chandelier earrings and mojiris for a complete traditional look.
Now Metroholicas, you all are ready to impress your elders by not depressing  yourselves, in the end have a safe and pollution free diwali and Be Fashionable…!!!

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