Top 8 Style Resolutions for 2009

Do it yourself

Look your chicest, save money, be good to planet: All these things are within your grasp if you make some of the following resolutions your own.

  1. Resolution: Try a bold new makeup color

This is the year to take your makeup boldly where it hasn’t been…since the 1980s.

Colorful makeup and polish can be transformative, without a long-term commitment – and it’s relatively inexpensive.

Need more reasons? Brighter colors create drama; they lighten and brighten your face; and they’re fun.

2. Resolution: Expand your denim horizons

These days pretty much anything goes on the denim front: high-waisted jeans with wide legs, skinny silhouettes, colored denim, white denim, cut-offs, even boyfriend jeans that are frayed and pegged.

An easy way to change up your look this year. Dip into the unchartered end of the jean pool.

3. Resolution: Discover the power of statement jewelry

Bold jewelry was big in 2008 – and it’s only getting bigger. Literally.

Whether your accessory of choice is a chunky necklace, a large cuff, a standout belt or cocktail ring, let it make a statement!

Go strong with ornate metal pieces or choose something more whimsical, like a hand-crafted

4. Resolution: Do it yourself

For a wardrobe that’s customized specifically for you – just make it!

You don’t have to be an avid crafter or a gifted designer to do-it-yourself. There are tons of projects that are simple and inexpensive, and that will reflect your own unique style.

One of our favorite projects is both rock ‘n roll and low cost (and requires little talent) – a shredded t-shirt.

5. Resolution: Pare down the products

He name of the eco-game is making do with less, and that’s so much easier when your beauty products are doing more.

Switch to items that really earn their spot on the shower ledge. Try Perfect Organics Ultimate Body Wash, a shower gel that can double as a bubble bath or a shaving gel.

Also pick up this workhorse, Urban Decay Eye shadow Transforming Potion, which will turn any eye shadow into a liquid liner.

6. Resolution: Give your hair a break

Stylists everywhere have spoken – there’s no good reason to wash your hair every day.

When you foam your hair into a soapy lather, you strip it and your scalp of its natural oils, which leads to dryness and less-than-spectacular hai

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