Tips to find out is your date is looking for Love or Lust

Here are some tips and behaviors that portray interest in se.x vs. relationship during. the first couple of dates or early on in the relationship:

Love or lust

         1.When a guy is interested in the details and stories of your se.xual history on the  first and second dates – he is interested in se.x…

         2.Your date is commenting obsessively on body parts, yours and other women – he  is not into relationship – he is into se.x.

         3.If /when he tells you details of his own se.xual history, too soon into the  ‘relationship’, even under the guise of confiding, he is interested in se.x.

          4.Consider his ability to maintain eye contact with you. If he is very shy and cannot  maintain eye contact, he’ll look down at his shoes or at the floor. However, if/when  he speaks with you and keeps focusing on your breasts and following your breasts  with his eyes, even as you move around – it is a red flag: he is not shy and he is not  interested in really getting to know you…

5.If there is spontaneous touching, which you feel is inappropriate – it probably is.

6.Not all relationships start like the examples above. Most dating relationships begin with interests to see and get to know each other. For the women who got hurt in relationships that turned to be s.exual encounters only, being strategic and mindful is a way to continue to date… carefully.