Tips to drive him wild

1. Underneath your clothes
Men may not notice your new dress, but he will probably remind you years ahead about your stockings, tiny panties and sexy bra, the more so if you put on the most ill-fitted ones. Keep in mind that you may wear the simplest outfit outside the bedroom setting, but you should always wear lingerie you won’t be embarrassed to show after you undress.

2. Use your sex muscles
When a man penetrates a woman the last thing he expects to see is her absolute calmness and immovability. Many women would get out of going to the sexologist if only they take advantage of the most powerful tool they have at their disposal-their sex or PC muscle. Nothing can heighten intimate experience more than a woman good at controlling her vagina. Training your PC muscle will help you not only keep your vaginal muscles in tone, but make an amazing revelation of your own sexual skills.

3. Add a bit of strip tease
If you haven’t learned the common truth yet, then we need to say it again: men like to watch! They like to devour your breasts, your hips, your butt, your vagina and all your body with his eyes. You can be a nice Nelly, a business woman, a bluestocking outside your bedroom, but you should forget about all your “good girl” manners and free yourself from useless shyness and feed his sexual imagination. Keep in mind that the way you undress is one of the strongest turn-on for a man, otherwise they wouldn’t spend their money on strippie and adult movies.

4. Move your body
Nothing can leave your man at a loss as fast as your lifeless body and your indifferent look, almost saying “when will he cum at last”. Of course, you shouldn’t perform Brazilian dance in order to brighten up the situation. You just need to feel the inner urge to let him penetrate you most intimate part and that close connection between two of you. When you move your body synchronized with his own, you help him find the right angle and the right rhythm.

5. Learn his body
Don’t try to reduce sex to moth-eaten practices. If you are used to be passive side in your love play, swap over and explore his body in full. While men seem to be more concentrated on their genitals, you give him a possibility to discover new hot areas he may not be aware of.

6. Take the initiative
99 % of men dream about a woman taking the initiative, the rest 1% is probably too shy to admit it. What could be more appealing to a man, than a woman who is smart enough to do the “work” themselves and let her partner derive the utmost satisfaction? It can be quite hard for him to always prove his masculinity and be “Mr. Hero” who drives you to the high of sexual ecstasy. That surely doesn’t mean you should be somewhat pushy or aggressive, you just need to know that sometimes men need to feel they are being “guided”. Related Article: Amazing sex tips for girls

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