Tips to deal back office politics

  1. Do not get involved. This is the best way to avoid back office politics, by not letting yourself get involved, you will effectively remove yourself from the parley.
  2. Never date somebody from your work. This is the biggest no-no at any work situation. By avoiding this you can steer clear of many problems that go with it


  1. Let the rumors fly. Rumors are rumors, and as such they become even more believable when you get defensive. Try to downplay any rumors you hear about yourself by exaggerating them. ,my collection of one thousands wigs, that is worth over one million dollars!” By countering any rumors you hear with exaggerated information, will only discredit the truth of the actual rumor itself.
  2. lways avoid making accusations. Don’t waste your time getting upset or involved just over what somebody else says. Let them make an ass of themselves. There is no reason for you to stoop to their level.



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