Tips for Curly Hair Care:

Girls that have curly hairstyles can also experience hair damage such as split ends, frizzy and dry hair. This may occur due to wrong diet or the curly hair may not get enough moisture.

  • Use moisturizers because this is one of the most common problems with curly hairstyles. Check the shampoo and conditioner and ensure that the ingredients are will help moisturize your hair. Gently rub the moisturizing conditioner into your hair. Wait for a couple minutes before you wash it out. This would help you get best possible conditioning from your conditioner. Try a deep conditioner once a month.
  • Always remember to avoid the use of hair dryers. Letting the hair dry naturally would prevent it from being frizzy. Avoid brushing or rubbing it harshly with a towel. Pat or dab your hair with the towel if required.
  • Look at the leading brands that will give help you find special texture serums and creams. These would allow you to have curly hair sans any frizz in it!
  • Brushing for curly hair should include wide toothed combs But avoid their usage for wet hair. Jumbled curly hair can be managed by using your fingers or a wide toothed comb.
  • Try to highlight the curls that fall gently around your face. This would also bring prominence to your features.
  • Always eat right and have a reasonable amount of proteins in your diet. This will add to the natural sheen of your hair.
  • Choose the best haircut. The key to successful LONG CURLY HAIR CARE lies in the cut. Make sure your stylist knows how to cut curly hair because it requires different cutting techniques than straight hair. Getting the wrong cut can result in an excess amount of frizz and can damage your hair. Also, go for regular trims to cut off any damaged ends.

How to wash curly hairs?

Curly hair should not be washed on a regular basis, especially if you are using a shampoo containing a sulfate. The use of non-sulfate shampoo and conditioner from day-to-day always gives best results. However, if you are keen on washing your curly hairs with sulfate shampoo, make sure you do not use it for more than twice a week. In fact, the use of conditioner will be sufficient for the rest of the weekdays.
Get a good organic conditioner and add moisture to your hair. Check if your conditioner does not contain silicones. You may, however, compromise with PEG as one of its ingredients.
Whilst washing your curled hairs, rinse them well with lukewarm water. Take sufficient amount of organic conditioner to cover your scalp and then massage your head with your fingertips reaching every possible corner of your hairs whilst removing off the dandruff and dirt that might have mounted up since your last head wash. Rinse again and then apply about 3 tablespoons of your conditioner on your curled hairs and comb them through the ends and the body with a wide-toothed comb preferably.
Leaving the conditioner on your hair for about 15 minutes, you may then go through the rest of your shower. After 15 minutes, rinse them with cold water to seal the cuticle, making it lay flat and leaving it shiny and less frizzy. While wiping off with a towel, do not rub or wring your hairs to avoid further frizzes. It is always recommended to use micro fiber towels for removing off water from wet hairs.

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