We should always be on time at everything we do and everywhere we go, time is an important factor.


For fashionistas also, time is very important because they have to be with fashion, follow the trends because fashion is a thing which comes and changes before we blink our eyes, in a fraction of seconds, oh the time is here again. And to be on time for everything the only thing we need is a”watch”.


Yes, a watch as we need it to see the time but also if you are an ardent fashion follower because it is the must have accessory of 2013.


Now-a-days, a watch is not just a thing to watch the time; it has become a fashion statement.trendy-watches-india


Today in market a wide variety of wrist watches are available from classic, elegant watches to sports wear, you just have to pick a right watch for right occasion and right dress.


Wrist watches comes in a large number of shapes, sizes, design and color. You just have to keep in mind the occasion and your dress.


If you are wearing a saree or suit, then pick an elegant and classic wrist watch in metal. And if you are in your casual wear then go for a stylish and trendy sports wrist watch.

A funky and stylish wrist watch will make you look happening with denims and hot pants. Wear a diamond or stone studded watch if you’re going for disco or party at night.


If you have enough money to spend on wrist watch, then go for brands like Bvlgari, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana etc. but if you are also a victim of recession, don’t worry girls you just have to compromise with the brand and not with fashion because you will easily find replicas, imitations of those watches.


One important and precious advice metroholicas, don’t accessorize your hands too much, just a statement piece of wrist watch will make the time revolve around you.


So, my metroholicas, what are you waiting for, just go in the market and pick your time piece and be on time and Be Fashionable………!!!!!

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