Tie-Dye Fashion


Tie-dye is a process of resist dyeing textiles or clothing which is made from knit or woven fabric, usually cotton; typically using bright colors. It is a modern version of traditional dyeing methods used in many cultures throughout the world. "Tie-dye" can also describe the resulting pattern or an item which features this pattern.


  We all love color….and that’s why tie and dye technique is back in fashion and its back with a bang and became one of the hottest trend of this season.


Tie dye is definitely a hot new trend for spring, we’ve seen it on the catwalks and now our favorite high street stores are embracing the look! Fantastic collections all celebrating the striking tie dye effect are hard to ignore!


Tie dye will always liven up the local fashion scene due to its versatile nature. Tie dye turns the ordinary into something unique and unusual, a state that many yearn for in this era of mass production and sameness. Tie dye is hand crafted color. It is time for the return of the artisan.


By using tie and dye technique you can easily transform your boring clothes into new and stylish one. In this case, it’s all about folding, knotting, twisting and tying in order to create patterns. Liquid dye or a saturated string or rope can help create the stain, while removable wax is used to create designs and to block dye from adhering to fabric in batik techniques.

You can use this feature by your own, we will tell you how, just follow the simple basic rules.


1.)    Before dying you clothes, wash them! Because may be it will shrink.


2.)    Then decide what kind of design you want, because there are a lot of ways in which you can dye. For eg.knotting, spiral, crushing etc.


3.)    Then tie that area which you want to color, with a thread.


4.)    Then prepare the dye by wearing a pair of gloves, because this will help you in not coloring you hands.


5.)    Preparing a dye is also simple. Just boil some water and mix it with the desired colour, but be careful, don’t boil too much, keep the flame low.


6.)    Start dyeing! It is usually best to start with the lightest color if you are using more than one color. Rinse or wait between colors. Some dyes require you to rinse immediately and others require you to let the item sit for at least 24 hours.


7.)    When your dyeing is complete, make sure to clean all containers immediately with hot water and soap or cleanser.


8.)    Let them to dry.


9.)    Be careful washing your tie-dyed items! Most should always be washed in cold water. The first few times they are washed, they might bleed, so wash them with like colors or alone.


                     There is one thing you should remember while you tie-dye no matter what brand of dye you use: Every tie-dyed item will turn out different no matter what technique and colors you use.


These days this technique is not limited just to dying your t-shirts, bedsheets, pillow covers and hander kerchiefs, its something more, you can use this technique in any of your clothes.


     But if you don’t want to wear clothes of this method, but love this method, then go buy a bag, shoes or accessories because all this kind of stuff is available in local markets, designer showrooms and even branded one! This look is always fresh.so hurry and choose your fashion pick.

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