Things you should not worry about in bed

1. Does he think my thighs are fat? My dear, he’s not even looking at your thighs. He’s far more interested in what’s between them..

2. Does he think my breasts are too small? Darling, he’s so glad to be allowed to touch them; he doesn’t have time to think thoughts like this! Breasts are magic to most men, all shapes and sizes are sexy to him.

3. Does he like my lingerie? Yap, Most women don’t bother dressing up for their man, so if you’re actually sporting something made for sex, he’s feeling very lucky.

4. Does he think I’m a good kisser? He probably doesn’t know the difference between a good kiss and a bad kiss? Besides, if he keeps kissing you, he can’t be unhappy with the results!

5. Does he think I’m sexy enough? Sweetie, if he didn’t find you sexy, he wouldn’t be able to deliver the goods. If he’s in bed with you, he thinks you’re plenty sexy!

6. Does he like the sound of my voice? I’ll make this simple – if you’re moaning or screaming with pleasure because of something he’s doing to you, YES, he will like the sound. A lot. Just make sure it’s genuine – pornstar syndrome is not sexy.

7. Does he think I’m good in bed? If you’re a star in bed, yes, he will be thinking this. If you’re average, or even underaverage, the idea will probably not even occur to him. He’ll be far too wrapped up in that “Yes, I’m getting it tonight!”

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