Things you should carry in your handbag


1.       *Lip Glass will keep your lips chap free and kissable

2.       *Dental floss.  *  Toothpaste        *Mini Mouth Wash(will leave you feeling fresh regardless of how many hours you’ve been up)

3.        Mini Hairspray.   (no need for a bad hair day)

4.        Perfume sample –  usually are fairly small and okay to carry on the plane.

5.        Visine  – it gets the red out

6.        Mini-lotion – to cure dry hands or flaky legs.

7.        Mini deodorant. Keep dry and fresh in any crisis.

8.        Clear nail polish to fix any runs or snags you may get in your hose.

9.        Tampon or mini pad – just in case.

10.     Bronzing powder – comes in handy as blush or eye shadow and even under clear gloss on your lips.

11.     Mascara – to make your eyes stand out.

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