Dear fashion followers, I always try to keep you up to date with new and latest fashion. What you should wear and what you should not wear, but as they say history repeats itself, there are some fashion trends with which leave their mark in such a way that they keep coming again and again.


The trend which I am taking about today is jodhpurs or jodhpuris, which came in last year spring but marked such a revolution that we will be able to see them this year too. Yes, jodhpurs are biggest trend this year.


Jodhpurs were invented in Rajasthan, India, years and years ago but only the kings used to wear them, they were preferably meant for men.


But that was past now fashion designers have twisted them in such a way that it has become a unisex garment, anyone can wear and anywhere.



Jodhpurs this year are not the kinds of jodhpurs you saw last year; designers have modified them in different ways-


  • Tailored according to your shape, ballon from hip back to a slender calf floating lower-leg shape.


  • They can be skin tight, stretchable from thighs.


  • You can also go the same old traditional look even as they are still very much in fashion.


While going for a Jodhpur look, girls please don’t opt for a kurti and empire line top.

Else wear a short and cute t-shirt in any color with any design, or wear jodhpurs with jackets, the summer jackets, or white shirt knotted above.



Jodhpurs come in various fabrics and all kinds of colors but for making a complete fashion statement try to buy in black color.



Other things which you should keep in your mind is that if you thighs are fat then don’t buy skin tight jodhpurs, for the women who are curvaceous go the traditional jodhpurs.


And the most important thing you should keep in mind is that doesn’t wear flats with any kind of jodhpurs, always wear heels but not too long.


So metroholicas you can easily find your favorite kind of jodhpurs in every corner of the world very easily, in every market, you just have to pick up the most trendy and stylish piece, start buying…..Be Fashionable….!!!jodhpurmetro

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