The Power of Knowledge

There is a famous quote which says “an investment an education gives you the best interest”. This quote was proved right by a contestant of quiz based Indian reality show “Kaun Bnega Crorepati”, Babita Tade, a mid day meal cook of a government school in a small village of Maharashtra.


Babita Tade aka khichi kaku belongs to a average lower middle class house with a life full of simplicity but an epitome of knowledge. A lady who loves to study and stay updated about the current affairs, her general knowledge speaks volumes.


Nobody would have ever imagined that Babita Tade would even reach to the questions with amount of lakhs. Her salary is just 1500 and when she was asked after winning 20,000 that what does she wants? She answered that she only wants to buy a smart phone for herself so that she can study more, so Mr. Amitabh Bacchhan gifted her an oppo phone. Mr. Bacchhan was very impressed with Babita’s excellent knowledge.


Babita was not playing with flukes as she had reasonings for every answers. After reaching the amount of 3,60,000, she told Mr. Bacchhan that she wants to renovate the Shiv temple of her area.

It was her knowledge and wisdom which ultimately made her win Rupees 1 crore and she not only proved that how powerful is knowledge but she also changed everyone’s way of thinking that a lady from a mediocre family can just cook and serve her family because a lady can do anything she wants.

We suggest you all that educate your kids as much as you can, an educated person has options and skills of doing a lot  good of things which an uneducated person can’t even think of doing.


There is no limit of education and also there is no certain age of getting educated. So, if you want to be powerful than educate yourself.

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