The Not So Apt, App: Do kids really need mobile Apps?


We all dream a lot of good things about the future of our kids right from the moment we get to know that we have been blessed to give birth to a life.

From selecting the best, unique and meaningful name to selecting their first school, we start preparing for everything in much advance, don’t we?

To be successful, educated and content is our only wish for our kids and education comes in the topmost priority of our list as education not only teaches you to be literate but it also helps you in becoming a sensible and good human being.

The day your child goes to school for the first time becomes the most memorable day of your life. We check many things while selecting the first school i.e. pre-school for our kids like what kind of latest means of education will they provide? What sort of activities are they going to introduce to your toddlers? And not to forget about their safety and security.

These days education is not done just by some books, a lot of other means like smart classes are introduced at early ages in most of the schools and in this era where everything is done just by your fingertips from booking train tickets to shopping and from transferring money and video calls to ordering food, everything is done through applications, getting educated can also be done through applications.

These applications have simplified the method of learning and it has also made the life of parents less stressed.

A few days back, I came across an advertisement for learning application for kids of class 1 to 3, I disliked the idea the moment I saw it.

I still downloaded the application just out of curiosity, it was so fascinating, it will help your kid to learn in a fun manner with the help of quizzes, stories, and games, etc. In short, it has everything to keep your kid magnetized for hours.

But, aren’t our kids already spending a lot of time on mobile phones? Now, let us be honest here, we all are so busy and occupied nowadays that we too give mobile in our kid’s hands to escape from their tantrums and to find peace for ourselves, whether it is a party or family gathering or making them eat their meals, we give away mobiles so easily in their hands.

I agree we are busy in earning money for our kids better future but we tend to forget they (kids) are our future and to make our future better, we should focus on our present.

According to me, this early learning application is going to make our kids lives worse, they will spend more time on the mobile phone which will make their eyes weak, they will stop playing outside which in turn will make them lazy and less active, they will also lack the ability to solve their problems themselves and the most important thing your kids will lose is the time you as a parent spend with them while you help them in doing their home works.
No expensive toys, no fancy restaurants, the most precious thing you can give your kids is your time, even if it is in the name of teaching them.

Remember, you are capable of giving facilities to your kids only because your parents took out time to nurture you. “Education is not the filling of a bucket but the lighting of a fire”.
So, being a parent, I urge and request all the other parents to do not depend on such applications.

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