The Leather Weather

Latest Fashion Trend Winters 2013

The Leather Weather


The time of shedding leaves is out and that means winter has knocked the door. Yes it has, the weather has changed drastically and it’s your time to refresh your wardrobe with some cool, trendy and fashionable winter stuff.

The most stylish, sophisticated, trendy, classy and sexy garment or fabric for winters this year is leather.

Leather was seen on all the runways in different forms. Leather designs this year are extremely innovative, abstract and dimensional.

An ultimate outfit scoring very high in the international market is none other than exclusive leather outfits. They are a great portrayal of timeless elegance and has carved niche for them in the fashion world. Leather dresses are special and unique in own way and perfect for making style statements.

Leather is a tight fitting material that accentuates curves; tight leather is best worn by tall and slim individuals. A leather dress shows off your figure, it is a very sexy look and a pair of killer heels and nice jewelry, will finish off the look perfectly.


Leather has always been sexy and sophisticated, but usually in the form of coats and jackets. This fall and winter look for leather in a variety of forms and clothing, skirts, leggings, dresses and more. Leather is the in thing.

Leather apparels are very renowned for their great appeal and versatility. A look that is attractive is mixing leather with a soft fabric. Leather can be teamed with a silk button down or ruffle wrapped soft blouse or sweater.

And those girls who want to stay stylish and fashionable but are feeling scared of wearing leather outfits; they can go for leather shoes, bags, belts or even gloves but please wear leather in any way.

But you should make sure while wearing leather outfit or stuff, don’t you dare accessorize it much just keep it simple and sassy, otherwise you will look like a mobile leather store.

One thing which the most important thing to keep in mind with leather outfits is the precautions- Leather clothes need special care. Do not press another garment into your leather piece. Leather can indent or puncture. Let the leather have some space to breathe. If you need the leather cleaned it is suggested to use a professional cleaner like Spartan in West Palm Beach.

So my dear metroholicas, go and fill up your wardrobe with at least one item that is made of leather and in this winter keep it was and Be Fashionable……!!!!!

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