The Grecian Diva-Trend 2009

This season’s latest and promising trend comes from the ancient Greeks. The Grecian trend is making a statement everywhere; everyone is following this sophisticated yet hot trend. So we should also follow it a bit. The Grecian trend or dresses are flowy, feminine, pur, airy, and graceful. This year this trend will be seen everywhere in dresses, shirts and even in swimwear


For getting the complete Grecian look. Follow these simple rules



One Shoulder

The one shoulder or off shoulder dresses and gowns reflect this Grecian look. This look will look more stunning with unstructured dress which will gather at waist and will fall downwards with an asymmetric cut.



Ropes, plaits and sashes



 Look out for subtle rope detail on your outfit, perhaps in the form of twisted rope shoulder straps, a plait or twist effect belt or creative piping. The rope gives your silhouette some definition while wearing flowy fabrication; it also balances the masculinity of jeans and trousers if you choose to wear them with a Grecian style top or blouse.




Grecian color


The color for this look are tend to be faint and subtle, and i.e. gold, silver and all the metallic colors with a hint of brown and crème because these colors  complement  smoothness and shades of summer.


 The footwear


The gladiator sandals are a perfect match for Grecian look. Just go for flats that are making a comeback this season, the flats but for sure should be simple, they should be embellished with jewels, buckles, leather cuts. They are not only stylish and in fashion but they are also sexy and comfortable. In footwear also the color should be from the metallic family.






The accessories for getting the Grecian look should be in bronze. Copper and gold. Big bangles or bracelets, hoop earrings, and big chunky statement pendants.

Don’t overdo with jewelry as your Grecian dresses will complete the look just keep simple with jewelry and  go for tiny bags, clutches are a more classy and fashionable option.



Make-up and hair


 To complement a Grecian inspired make-up, work on creating a soft nude make-up look with a modern twist, incorporating delicate shades of white on the eyes to produce a wonderful focused brightness. In order to have a super sexy, almost Grecian goddess look, your hair should be long and voluminous with big curls. Your hair must be very clean. Gets a side sweeping parting loosely tied at the nape. You can use plates for this. To create an extra high glamour finish, add curls or twists. If you have short hair, use should use volume to create a more wearable finish. It is simple to do – apply a volumising product to the root section and gently dry your hair. Using a diffuser on the hairdryer, you should concentrate the air at the roots. To get maximum shine, apply a gloss serum on the ends and lengths.

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