The “Fanny”tastic Trend

Handbags, clutch, totes, slings are a thing which make our outfit complete, we get ready and the last thing we choose is a bag and we give ample of time in deciding which type of bag will suit our dress more or sometimes we choose our bag according to an occasion but we never go out without having one in our hand but don’t you think that carrying them is quite a busy task? You adjust it’s strap here and there but no more as Fanny packs are back and they have made a huge comeback and are seen everywhere from ramps to streets.

For all those who don’t have any idea what is a fanny pack? A fanny pack is a more chic version of a sling bag, you tie it on your waist like a belt and you are good to go.

Earlier when they were famous in 90’s, they were not loved by many, as they were considered to be unfashionable and were only taken to amusement parks but this year 2018 has given fanny packs a new definition, designers like Alexander Wang, Gucci etc are promoting it a lot.

A lot of celebrities are seen adorning it to whether it be a Hollywood star or a Bollywood one, they are loved by all and they are unisex and universal.

Fanny packs come in a huge variety and styles and you can easily buy one from your favorite online or local street store.

You can wear your fanny pack with your trousers, denims, dresses and even traditional wear.

The best thing about fanny packs is that they make you worry less, you can adorn it anywhere to a lunch or night out, you don’t have to worry about losing your money and other belongings as they are attached to your waist and you don’t have to adjust it’s strap again and again, you can flaunt your best moves on the dance floor without worrying about your bag.

So, Metroholicas, go buy and adorn this fannytastic fashion and Be Fashionable…!!

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