The “Eye”conic Trend

Eyes are one of the most sensitive organ of your body. Your eyes speak a lot about your personality so it becomes our duty to protect and take care of our eyes. Whenever we go out we should wear sunglasses as it protects our eyes from the uv rays coming from sunlight which are very harmful for our eyes. Sunglasses are important for whole year, during every season whether it be summers or winters.

Sunglasses not only protect our eyes but add extra swag to our personality. We all buy sunglasses which look appealing to us but end up keeping them in the drawers of our wardrobes as they don’t go with our face cut or shape, as a result we spend great amount of money in buying different styles of sunglasses but never wear them.

Like each of us have different features of face, we all have different shapes of our face too and there are different types of sunglasses for each type of face which define our features and face cut more appropriately but there are many people who aren’t aware about this fact and that’s why metroholica is here to clear all the confusions related to your face shape and the type of sunglasses you should wear, so quickly let us get straight to the main thing.

A face has categories of shapes like round, oval, square, rectangle, heart and oblong. A lot of people know their face shapes but not everyone knows about it. So the first thing is to know your face shape, so to know that keep reading this post.

Round face– A round shape of face has a wide hairline and there is fullness under their cheekbones. Their face cut is more defined but fuller so they need sunglasses which will help them in elongating their features. Rectangle, square, shield and wrap frames are the best for a round shape face. They should completely avoid oversized frames.

Square Face– The square shape face has a wider hairline and jawline too, it looks equal from all the sides for obvious reasons. A round or oval frame will define their features more perfectly like like aviators, butterfly and round shape frames are their rescue rangers.

Oval Face– An oval face shape is longer, its jawline is much narrower than the cheekbones. This shape can wear all the types of sunglasses, they just need to avoid very wide frames as it will hide their sharp features.

Heart Face– This shape is also known as triangle face shape. They have a long and pointed jawline which makes their chin the smallest part of their face. The best sunglasses for this shape are cateye/butterfly, shield, rimless and aviators.

●Diamond Face– A diamond face has a narrow forehead and jawline, making their cheekbones the widest part of their face. An oval and rimless frame will give accurate justice to this shape.

Oblong Face– It may look like an oval shape but no it is different, this face is lover but not wide as oval. It is commonly known as rectangle shape. The frames that will best suit this shape are square, shield, wrap, wayfarer. Try to avoid smaller face as they will make your face appear more wider.

I suppose now you all must be aware about the shape of your face and which shades are better for you, so now it’s time to tell you a bit about what are these frames.

●Aviators– They got its name from pilots because this frame was loved by all the pilots of the world. Aviators come in metal frame, simpler colors and clearer glasses. The shape of its lene looks like a tear or water drop.

Rectangle– Its width is bigger than the length because it is “rectangle”, you can easily recognize a rectangle frame by just looking at it.

Butterfly/Cateye– This frame is popularly known as cateye but it got its shape from butterfly, this shape is in vogue these, it is much loved by girls. They draw everybody’s attention because of their shape.

Round– This frame is circular in shape but it is not recommended for round face shape.

Semi-rimless– It is called semi rimless because this lense doesn’t cover the entire frame, it has a frame just on upper side of the shades.

Shield– They are broad in size, people who are out in sunlight for longer hours love these single and large lens glasses because it covers most area of your eye.

Wrap– This frame has the lena which covers most part of your eye, it is ideal if you are going on a beach or something. It has a frame which is very light in weight.

Square– This is the most oversized frame out of the all because it is equal from all the sides.

Wayfarer– This shape is known as the retro shape as it was famous in the 50s and 60s, this frame looks good on everyone.

We hope we did well in introducing you all to the world of frames by giving you an add on bonus by helping you to know the face of shape, so don’t get confused the next time you shop for sunglasses, you won’t regret buying any as you know which frame suits your face shape.

That’s all from Metroholica today, keep shopping and Be Fashionable….!!!








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