The cool breezes of winters are signing off their final goodbyes and the hot- hot sun has started blowing out kisses for inviting summers.


Yes, the hot summers are making their arrival and for keeping themselves cool in this summers normal people always wear cool colors but we fashionistas are somewhat different from normal people as we don’t believe in following the rules, else we believe in breaking them by trying to look more hotter in hot weather by wearing colors like trembling oranges, mischievous pinks and outrageous reds.


For all you fashion followers, in the whole 2010 you will see colors red, pink and orange everywhere as these are the biggest trend in colors this year.


Girls don’t be afraid of that you will look unique in going for a complete single hue look but feel confident and proud of being unique.


Don’t wear these colors only because they are in trend but also wear them because they will make you feel more bold, beautiful, confident, stylish and se.xy.


But if still you think you don’t have that confident to wear a single hue at all in one time but want to follow the trend, don’t worry just compliment these trendsetter colors with other colors like black, white, blue, yellow or any other color of your own choice.


Another way of following this colorful trend is if you don’t want to wear clothes of these colors, then wear accessories, yes, in market you will easily find handbags, bracelets, shoes, earrings etc. of your choice in these colors, you just have to name it and you will have it.


So, dear metroholicas quickly go in the market and pick your favorite color and fill your life with colors and make it more beautiful and …….Be Fashionable….!!!!

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