The Blooming Fashion Trend

Look around and you'll see that everything is coming up roses…and tulips and daffodils, as fabulous floral burst onto centre stage in the fashion world.


You may think flowers are reserved only as a way to show congratulations or love. They may hold a special space in your closet and come out only when the sun is shining. Well, think again, because summer fashion trends were dominated by floral prints


With the onset of spring and summer it’s no surprise that seasonal floral rear their head once again. This season fashion floral have emerged bigger, brighter and bolder


Bold and bright or sweet and feminine, floral prints and flower-inspired designs are pretty fashionable for spring 2009. Get the scoop on how to wear this fresh style:


There are flowers on the runways! Everything's coming up roses, tulips, peonies, and more for spring 2009. One of the season's freshest trends came right from the hothouse as flower power made a huge splash across women's designer ready to wear collections of the season.

 'Flowers are the essence of summer. That's why, without fail, it almost always becomes a trend during the spring-summer season and this year it's the hottest trend.

While flowers are the essence of springtime, innovative designers went beyond the dated, bland granny prints and instead piloted a fresher course. Designers followed the season's lead with delightful sartorial displays of vibrant floral illustrations and hand-painted treatments.

How to Wear the Flower Trend


You don't have to be an airy fairy romantic type to fall in love with floral prints. Mix floral with another print such as stripes for a more creative look, just make sure you choose colors that match and complement each other. Be warned – any more than two different prints just doesn't work.

Florals don't just come in chiffons and silks, try them in cottons and linens too which gives a completely different effect. Even ruffles can be chic if the look is right. Petal-inspired trim, such as flouncy ruffles and flowing frills are a fun way to add a touch of floral whimsy to an outfit


Make sure that the floral prints do not overpower your entire body. Accentuate the floral prints on a shirt by pairing them with simple plain slacks, skirt or jeans, and vice versa.

 Fashionistas allergic to the in-your-face impact of oversized flowery patterns can opt for a quainter interpretation of the flower trend by selecting summery frocks, sexy halter tops, pretty blouses and silky scarves with mid-sized botanical prints.

And if you still think floral fashions are more granny than avant garde, flirt with dresses and skirts featuring shorter hemlines: showing off your stems will keep your look daring and just a bit coquettish.

Off the shoulder is hot this season and a floral Peasant tunic top, accented with velvet, reeks of romanticism. This style can be worn by all sizes.


If florals still feel a little too ladylike for your wardrobe, look to accessories to get in on the act of looking blooming' beautiful. Women wearing floral prints should update the bohemian look with new accessories such as strappy heels or a thick embossed belt.
If you do not want to completely flow with this trend, spruce up a normal outfit with simple flower accessories like a brooch or hairpin or belt. This way, you can still keep ahead with the trend and tuck a freshly cut flower behind your ear.

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