That Dot To Dot Connection

PulkaYears come, years go…seasons change and with every New Year and season, fashion statement also gets changed, and we have to splurge a lot to stay with the current trends but we love doing it.

But there’s one trend which hasn’t lost its charm its appeal in so many years and keeps on making us look good every year with a fresh and new style. We all used to love watching Disney cartoons and especially mini mouse at the trend which I am talking about is “Polka Dots”.

Gone are the days when polka dots only enhanced the wardrobe of little girls, now a day’s everyone wants it and connect their fashion statement by connecting the polka dots.

Polka dots are the most wanted loved and striking prints whether it’s on clothing, bags or any other accessory.

Polka dots come in various colors but the classic is white and black, it steals the show every time and you can never go wrong with it.

You should always keep in mind that no matter this trend is so in and you love it crazily but you should not wear polka dots from head to toe, else you should mix and match, one thing at one time whether it be a top, scarf, dress, footwear, bag but don’t overdo it that people consider you as a gift wrap.

You can even wear a pair of trousers, jeans, leggings or jeggings with dots if you accessorize them properly. Just wear the polka dots pants and keep rest of the outfit simple and you will look sassy, you can even go for polka dots hot pants if the sun kisses you too much.


Polka dots have ruled the fashion industry that much like a king rules its dynasty, no ramp no designer no street, no big name no smallest shop is left behind in filling their stores by adding polka dots.


And being an ardent fashion follower, I advise you guys to go and grab this look quickly before your favorite gets picked up by your competitor, whether buy a dress, top, pants, scarf, footwear, bags or any other accessory, there should be at least one polka dotted item in your wardrobe and remember one piece at one time.


One most important tip for you to keep in mind always… Be Fashionable….!!!

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