Style Rules For Every Woman

The fashion world can often be intimidating especially for women who are scared to experiment with new trends and express themselves in their apparel for fear of being labeled a fashion disaster. Here are some tips and style rules that every woman should remember to help her navigate her way in the fashion world.

Updating your look is necessary if you want to keep up with the latest in the fashion scene. However, updating should be done in small doses most especially if you are unsure if a particular fad or trend will work for you.

Dressing younger than you age is perfectly fine but if you think that a certain fad is too young for you and you don't feel comfortable in it then don't wear it. But even if you are in your 40s and you feel confident in a mini skirt, then go for it.

Black clothes are a good buy because they look sexier, sophisticated, more expensive and  more flattering for your figure.

Clothes are an investment so buying junk clothing for the sake of being able to buy something new for your wardrobe is not a wise choice. If you are tight on the budget, stick with the existing apparel you have and create different looks by mixing and matching them. Make-up, accessories and even a new coif can create a totally new look.

It is important to note that fads come and go and you can always expect a trend to have a short life in the fashion scene. The fashion world is such a dynamic environment and certain clothes may be in right now but the next thing you know it they are so last season. It is perfectly okay to be sporting the "it" outfit or having this season's must haves but bearing in mind that these fashion trends may easily go.

Try exploring a new look by trying on different styles of clothes, wearing make-up and changing your current updo. Have fun and experiment. You can always go back to your old look if you so desire but of course this time with a touch of chic and flair.

A professional image at work is of utmost importance. Most companies have a dress code while there are quite a number of organizations that are relaxed with regards this matter. Business attire is most appropriate most especially for those who are in a corporate setup.

Fashion may all be about the external apparel, shoes, accessories, make-up, and hairdo

, etc. but inner peace and a good heart will always exude and give you that confidence and glow that is always in style.

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