Stress Relief Tips for Busy Women

Since time has shifted gears for women, from the traditional stay-at-home to being a woman of the 21st century juggling between work and family. Stress has become part of life and living. But does it really have to be? Is there simple ways a woman can do to relieve stress even in the middle of the job or in between soccer practice? Women would kill for quick and easy ways to relieve stress that’s causing women to slow down and take longer rest.
Luckily, there are quick and simple ways that you can do to relieve stress that doesn’t have to take too much of your time. You can do some of them even if you’re in from of a computer doing your job.

For instance, relieving stress takes only few minutes by eating, what else, chocolate! It has been found out that dark chocolate, especially those that are 70% chocolate with less sugar and milk, release chemicals and happy hormones in the brain when eaten. We all can prove this. Eating chocolate does make us happy. You can break a small amount of dark chocolate bar at a time – you don’t have to eat the whole bar – and let it melt in your mouth for a couple of minutes. However, it’s best to get the unsweetened ones and consume a small piece each time you feel much worn out.

Even if you’re in a middle of something urgent, don’t forget to make some time to get up and stretch your legs and arms for a while. You can visit a window overlooking a view to take your mind of from what you’re doing even for 10 minutes. You don’t have ten minutes? Then make ten minutes; trust me, you can compensate the ten minutes you spent stretching by the increase in your productivity once you’ve relieve your stress by just spending ten minutes away from your work.

Women know this all too well also, lighting a scented candle does relieve stress. Even watching the flicker of the flame for five minutes takes your mind off your work thus it relieves you for a while. Certain scent like the scent of a chamomile is also scientifically proven to relieve stress when inhaled. It has soothing effect to the body; it makes the body release hormones that fights stress from a hectic schedule. Therefore, all working women should have a scented candle ready in their desk.

Talk to your colleague nearest you for a minute or so. You see, stress is aggravated you’re your body is so in sync with what you’re doing but your brain is crying to take few minutes to process the information its been receiving. By talking to your colleague nearest you, you allow your mind to process the information by taking on other lighter note such as the latest restaurant discovery of your friend. Taking your mind off your monotonous job goes a long way to calm your nerves and relieves your stress for a while.

There are easy ways to handle stress that doesn’t have to take too much of your time. You just have to be clever about them and make an effort to do them even if you’re in the middle of a hectic schedule. If nothing else works, closing your eyes while you take deep breaths for few minutes also does wonders.

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