Some good flirting tips


Flirting is a fun! It requires immense talent and creativity. If you want to enjoy it then apply the given below techniques.

1.Fun is always the key factor while flirting. You must be playful, spontaneous and humorous.

2.Looking directly in eyes is a great flirting feature. Gaze continuously for a while then take off your eyes from the person.

3.Frequent compliments are great way of flirting. But, it would be advisable to be honest and sincere while complimenting the person.


4.If you want to begin the conversation then a small hi or hello would be adequate.

5.Try to be good listener. It is a great art to listen others. This art will make you more likeable and charming.

6.A permanent smile on face will make you more demanding. People automatically get drawn towards you. Everyone loves a smiling face. 7.It would be advisable to act as a host, instead of guest. This feature will make you approachable and easily accessible.

8.Your attitude must be positive. Enthusiasm is another great factor while flirting.

9.If you want to be a great flirt then always approach first. You must be the first person to say hi.

10.Props are great way to begin a conversation. This would also enhance the conversation. For instance, start your conversation with dogs, jewelry, perfume etc.


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