Skin Care Routine For Bride-To-Be-Bridal Tips

Hey Metroholicas!

Have you ever seen a bride walking down the aisle? She looks as radiant as a bud blossoming to become a flower. A beautiful smile, nervous energy and a glowing skin, a skin which sparkles more than her bridal attire.
No, the shine is not only because of the layers if make-up. You can witness a natural glow on her face. Sometimes that glow comes because of the happiness but sometimes a glow comes because of the rigid skin-care routine which a bride follows.
A bride should start preparing her skin for the natural radiance 3-4 months before her D-DAY. She should follow that routine everyday without a miss.
Today, Metroholica will help all the brides-to-be to follow a step by step skin and hair care routine:-
● Like our body, our skin also needs hydration. So, all you have to do is Cleanse, tone and moisturize youR skin at least once a day preferably before going to bed at night. Wash your face with your regular face wash. Pat it dry, now take few drops of cleanser, massage it all over your face and neck and gently wipe it off with cotton, then tone up your skin by taking few drops of toner on a cotton ball and rub it gently over face and neck area. After it gets completely dry, use a moisturizer of your choice. This procedure will make your skin breathe and it will also rejuvenate your skin. This routine will help you in abundance as if you will follow it everyday, your make-up will not look cake on D-DAY, giving you a flawless look.
Drink plenty of water and other fluids as it will not only help you shed a bit of weight but it will also give your skin a radiant boost. Water helps in flushing toxins and it keeps your skin hydrated.
● The fresh love which keeps you awake while you spend hours on phone with your fiance, it isn’t loved by your eyes. Stress and staying awake late for night makes your eyes look puffy. So, Metroholica suggests you to apply a good quality eye cream before you go to sleep. You can also put slices of cucumber on your eyes whenever you lie down to relax.
● While the marriage shopping keeps you energised, the whole thing related to marriage like meetings with event organisers, maintaining a to-do list and keeping your in-laws happy is so stressful that it leaves you with hairfall and hair damage. So massage your scalp gently with herbal oil a night before you have to shampoo your tresses. You can ask you mom to do the massage as the warmth of her hands and love will do more magic and it will give you a mother-daughter time, the pampering which you definitely need at that time. Also go for a hair spa, it will relax your mind and hydrate your hair giving it a new life.
Metroholicas, make sure you follow all these rituals for a healthy and happy looking skin and hair.
There are few more points to remember if you are a Bride-to-be:-
1) No matter how much your designer or your favorite store, do make sure to try your wedding attire as you won’t get professionals back stage on your wedding to do the last minute fixes.
2) Make an appointment with your salon for final trial of make-up and hairstyle for your wedding. It takes hours to get ready for a bride on wedding day, so you should take this trial to be sure about which hairstyle and make-up pallete will do justice to your look.
3) Do not try any new brand of make-up products or shampoo and even anything which you haven’t eaten before few days prior to your wedding because if it causes any allergies or reactions, it won’t settle down quickly. So stay away from anything new. It is not the right time for expermients.
4) We know it is good to have late night romantic talks with your spouse-to-be but don’t let anything come in a way of your beauty sleep. Make sure you take enough sleep everyday, especially, the night before your wedding as it will reflect the tiredness on your face.
5) The last and the most important thing you should do is to smile and be happy. Happiness will give a natural glow on your face which nothing else can give. Remember, a happy bride is a beautiful bride.
          If you will follow all these rituals and tips honestly, you will start getting compliments before your wedding even without make-up. We are sure you will thank us later….Be Fashionable…!!!

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