2014-sexy-two-piece-font-b-gold-b-font-print-font-b-dress-b-font-SexyRemember the days when our grannies used to wear a dress from head to toe of same print and we used to laugh of their fashion sense or say nonsense.

Earlier wearing clothes of same print from top to bottom was considered a fashion faux pas but gone are those days.
Now is the time to follow the footsteps of our elders and make them happy by letting them know that we are following things taught and done  by them.

The runways of  2014  were filled with matching separates.  Now you must be thinking what am I exactly talking about?
Different kinds of prints are in  vogue and wearing them is hugely a fashionable thing.

Earlier we used to wear one piece printed dress or used  to mix a bold hue top to match our printed bottoms or vice versa but 2014 has  twisted the tale of prints by mixing them  all together.

All you have to do is wear two piece clothing of same print I.e a top with a skirt of same print or shorts and tops of same print etc.
You can find these kind of fashion forward outfits in any of your favourite brands but if you are the kind of fashionista who follows trends but not brands then go to a local shop where you can get unstitched cotton and linen fabrics, pick up the print of your choice and get your matching separates custom made.

If you will buy an unstitched fabric, then you’ll also get various advantages like whopping collection of prints to glean from ,style your outfit the way you want and perfect fit.
While following this trend don’t forget to keep in mind that the accessories, bags and footwear you are going to wear should be of single bold hue like shocking red, pink etc.

It is said and believed that “To err is to human” but I don’t want my divas to do even a single mistake when it comes to fashion and that’s why I want you all to follow few simple inklings which are as follows :-

* No matter what you’re wearing as bottoms but on top always carry a crop top with this trend.

* Don’t over-accessorize yourself.

* Always try to wear heels with this trend , it will add on the oomph factor. The higher the heels, the higher will be the style quotient.

* Instead of chandelier and drop earrings, wear stud earrings.

Follow these simple inklings Metroholicas and make your matching separates trend the rage and yearning and Be Fashionable….!!!

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