Mascara, lip gloss, eye liner, kajal…few essentials a fashionista can’t live without. But there’s one more thing that has become equally important as water and oxygen now a days and i.e. mobile phone.

Mobile phone has become a very important part of our lives, an important and must have accessory. A large number of brands with a thousand number of models, so many features and styles. It has become hard to chose the best from the rest, sometimes we choose the phone according to our budget but most of the times we chose them according to our taste, brand and out of competition. Your phone has to be better than the phone of any other person around you. It is the new status symbol.

We feel incomplete without a mobile phone and why not it has made our lives easier and better. Gone are the days when mobile phone was used only to make a phone call and text, now a lot of things can be done from a phone like interacting with friends and colleagues, searching a desired place, booking your tickets, finding directions to a place everything is on the go. Life runs on your fingertips now.

We fashionistas love to stay with trend and dress up ourselves according to a particular fashion but if everything has to be in vogue for us then why not our phone?

Yes, a phone has to also be in vogue, its brand is enough to make it in trend but we are not completely dressed without a bit of make up, so likewise we should do a little make up for our phones too and for that a key chain is quite enough.

There are a huge range of key chains available in market, trendy, cute and stylish which comes in wide varieties, colors and sizes. There is a little space available in the side of your phones where you can attach the key chain and make it trendier and grab the attention.

A phone’s design and style are designed by experts but to make it our property we had to add the glam quotient to it, so just buy a key chain that adds style to your phone and Be Fashionable….!!!




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