Eyes are window to the soul. It is said that you can recognize a person’s character by looking into their eyes; you can find the truth and lie behind a person by gazing in their eyes.

Today everyone wants to look admirable but they don’t want to look good for themselves but just because of competition. They want to look good than the other person and they do everything to look better than the other person.

It is not fallacious thing to try becoming more sassy and trendy than the other person around you, you can look modish and fashionable by keeping yourself updated with current fashion trends and by following them but hurting yourself in the name of fashion is not god at all, especially if you are hurting the thing through which you get the pleasure of seeing the beautiful universe created by Almighty, the eyes.

Eyes are the most important, beautiful and sensitive organ in human’s body but now a day’s everyone is playing and taking risks with this sensitive organ by wearing colored contact lenses in the name of fashion and trend.

Everyone thinks that they will look much more stylish and fashionable by wearing colored contact lenses without knowing that, a diamond has to go through a lot of sharp and painful things before gaining its lustre and beauty.

Likewise, colored contact lenses have lot side effects which are as follows:-

1)      Wearing lenses can make your eyes dry; tears will flow out of eyes most of the times because of this dryness.

2)      Lenses have a fluid named “intraocular fluid” which can cause infection in your eyes.

3)      Wearing lenses can lead to vision haziness and swelling of eyes because the amount of oxygen in the cornea gets lower. It can also lead to the change in shape of cornea, scratches and scars.

4)      Lenses can cause allergy in your eyes, which may lead your eyes to become red. This happens because of the preservative in lenses.


By reading all the above information and authentic reasons, you fashionistas still want to wear lenses in your eyes then I want stop you but will succour you, kindly, also follow some instructions which I am going to share with you in the below points:-

1)      The first and the most important point you should keep in mind is to wash your hands before wearing lenses.

2)      Whether you are feeling sleepy or tired but you should clean and rinse your lenses after removing them from eyes.

3)      If you want to spend on lenses then don’t think of saving your few bucks by buying cheap solutions, Only branded and FDA approved solutions should be used in cleaning of lenses.

4)      Lenses should not come in contact with dust and should be stored properly.

5)      No matter how much love, care and share with your friends and siblings, but never share you lenses with anyone.

6)      Never swim or take shower in hot water while wearing contact lenses.

7)      If you face a problem, like redness, itching or irritation, don’t think of saving your time and money by opting for home measures and remedies, instead immediately consult a doctor.


Like a dress comes in various sizes, everything has options to choose from, colored contact lens also comes in various types which are:-

  • Visibility tint: These colored contact lenses are lightly tinted so you can find your lens if you drop it. Visibility tints don’t affect the color of your eyes.
  • Enhancement tint: As the name implies, enhancement tint is used to enhance the existing color of the eye. It is used by people who want to make the color of their eyes more intense. It is a solid translucent tint that is a bit darker than visibility tint. 
  • Light-Filtering tint: These colored contact lenses are designed for athletes and sports fans. They enhance certain colors and mute others to make balls stand out. For instance contact lenses for tennis players would enhance optic yellow, the color of tennis balls.
  • Color tints: Color tints are usually made of patterns of solid colors and come in a wide range of colors like hazel, violet, blue, green and gray. They dramatically change the color of the eye and are deeper, opaque tints.



Yes, you can change your eye color to your favorite color, the color you always craved for your eyes but not every color gratifies your complexion and that’s why you should be well aware about the color that suits your complexions.


If you have light or hazel colored eyes, firstly go for the Enhancement tint, which will deepen the natural color of your eyes, but if want to experiment more, grey and green colored lenses will be the best option for you.


Dark color or brown skin tone, people with this sin tone can only wear light shade of lenses is like a myth, there is nothing like that, rather wearing misty grey, amethyst, green and blue shades will add on to your beauty and will make you look different and sexy.


Grey, blue, turquoise and purple are the best shades for you, which will make you, look vibrant and sassy.


These are just few tips for wearing lenses according to your eyes and skin tones but there is not any compulsion for going with these colors only, you can choose colors according to your choice and preference.


Dear fashionistas, you should follow these precautions and tips before wearing colored contact lenses and always buy branded lenses, the risks will be much lower. And one more thing doesn’t match your eye makeup with the color of your contact lenses.


Girls, keep in mind there’s a big difference in following trends and fashion and following a group of people or envying them. God has created this beautiful Universe and he has created you too, and he never goes wrong with his work, don’t play with the gifts he has bestowed upon you….Be Fashionable….!!!



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