Rise & Shine

Hey Metroholicas, we are back with yet another blog for all the fashion enthusiasts and we promise you all will sparkle and shine by the end of this post.

The year 2018 seems like a come back year for all the famous and most adapted fashion styles from the past, this post is all about one of those trends which was popular in last few years too.

The Metallic Fashion Trend, yes it’s back and in full swing, metallic fashion trend has been one of our favourite when it comes to find a dress for night time party or any event which involved darkness because if your dress is shining you need not put extra efforts on all the other things like make-up and accessories.

This year metallic trend has gone a bit far and we think why limit this trend only for a night time event, it should also shine during the day time and give a tough competition to the sun.

Now, you all must be wondering that how can we pull off glitter during day time, well, we are here with the solution.

The key is not to dress head to toe in metallic if you are opting it for day time.

●If you are going to wear a metallic top, then go for the denim bottoms, be it a jeans, skirt or shorts or any other bottom which includes sheer.

● If wearing a metallic skirt or shirts is on your list today, them team it up with a quirky t-shirt with quotes or disney character or a sheer plain and crisp white shirt.

● If you are a person who swears by one piece dress, be it short or knee length, then layering is the thing for you, combine your metallic dress with a pop summer jacket or denim jacket or an oversized shirt.

●If you are still shaving a doubt then take note that metallic fashion trend doesn’t only means wearing sparkling clothes but your makeup, bag or shoes alone can add all the glitter you need to follow this trend. Even adding a metallic belt to your casual outfit will add the needed glam.

See you have already started outshining others, hope this post helped you clearing your doubts about the metallic trend, so metroholica, add metallic to your wardrobe and sprinkle some glitter and shine wherever you go and Be Fashionable…!!!

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