Pregnancy and stretch marks

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Impending motherhood is a joyous time in a woman’s life, but even the most secure of women dread the near-inevitable occurrence of pregnancy stretch marks.

This is because many women in today’s society feel the pressure to maintain a veneer of perfection at all times. Becoming a mother doesn’t erase that drive; in fact, the pressure to “have it all” and look flawless while you do it can be even more intense.

However, when it comes to preventing stretch marks during pregnancy, which can be as devastating mentally for a woman as any other type of scarring, there is almost a “How can you think about that when you have a baby on the way!” type of mentally that undercuts valid feminine emotions.

A woman doesn’t stop being a woman because she is mother—she is both a woman and a mother—the two are intertwined and if one aspect is not fulfilled, the other aspect flounders. A woman has to be in balance to be effective as a mother.

Just use followings tips to avoid stretch marks

a) Drink lots of water and keep your skin hydrated. When you drink water, your body is hydrated and also your skin is hydrated. This will help in preventing this problem from occurring.

b) Eat many of the food items that have lots of Vitamins A, E and C. These vitamins help in your skin’s regeneration and rejuvenation. This tip is a good one that may help you to avoid this condition from appearing in the first place.

c) Maintain an exercise regimen and be sure that you follow it strictly. Exercises not only keep your body fit but it also aids in increased collagen formation and strengthening your body and underlying tissue and muscle structure which may also assist you in being able to avoid this problem.

If you have gotten stretch marks even after following all of these precautionary methods, the best solution to try and remove them is to use some of the many stretch mark creams that are available by prescription or over the counter. They range in price from cheap to very expensive. They work effectively though, for many people. They are mostly one of the cheapest methods that you can find to treat stretch marks.

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