Popular Makeup Mistakes

Makeup is not difficult. But it does take knowledge and practice. The following are the most common offenses when it comes to makeup. Avoid these common mistakes.

Wrong Shade of Foundation

This is the most common makeup mistake. Wearing the incorrect foundation color will accent lines, wrinkles, and other flaws. Take the time (and maybe the cost) to find the correct shade.

Eyeliner Mishaps

Droopy dog eyes are not a fabulous look. Wearing eyeliner just on the bottom lashes causes the eye to look droopy. It is okay to wear eyeliner on the bottom lashes, but only if the top lashes are lined as well.

Visible Lip Liner

First off, not everyone needs lip liner. Lip liner is used to help keep lipstick on and to “build” the lips. If lip liner is a necessity, make sure it matches. The lip liner can match the shade of the lipstick or match the natural lip color (it can be one shade darker). Either one will work. Also, make sure to blend the lip liner with the lipstick, the best way to do this is to use a lip brush when applying the lip liner.

Too-Dark Lipstick for Skin Tone

Lipstick and lip gloss should be within the range of the natural lip color. Women with a light skin tone, thin lips, or older women should not be wearing dark lipstick shades.

Ungroomed Eyebrows

Eyebrow helps express who we are and how we feel. But a majority of women have the wrong shape. Contact a local salon to receive some help. Have them show you how to maintain and fill in with the proper color.

White Raccoon Eyes

Dark circles can be hard to conceal. Most of us take a light concealer and smooth it under the eyes, causing white raccoon eyes. There is a proper way to conceal under the eyes that will not cause the white masked look.

Blush Abuse

There can be so many issues when it comes to blush. The three common blush offenses are: not wearing the right color, applying it in the wrong area, and not wearing any blush at all. If you are not sure about blush, bronzer can be a great alternative.

Remember makeup should be fun and help enhance your natural beauty. By practicing the proper techniques and changing some makeup pitfalls, you will begin to feel more confident with cosmetics and with your appearance.




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