Year 2012 was a fashionably hit year, which had all the good stuff from clothes to accessories, everything was fashionable, vibrant and cool colors,prints,texture, and all kinds of silhouettes, in short it was a good year for fashion conscious people.


But as the year has gone by giving us so much good things in fashion, and spring/summer 2013 has entered ,it’s time to refresh your wardrobe, because if you want to be fashionable you have to stay with it, and fashion keeps on changing.


This year the colors most in fashion are soft nude colors, but the year’s biggest, sexiest, trendiest, fashionable trend is see-through clothes.

beige black sheer

Yes, the trend for sheer fabric is back, it was in fashion earlier also, but this time it comes back with a more wearable way. Now it is no more a trend which will only sizzle on the ramps, this year it will also add on the glam in your wardrobe.


Instead, designers have combined layer and layer of sheer fabrics to create a subtle yet super sexy look.girls-wearing-sheer-tops


Sheer and semi-transparent clothes can be a great way to show off the season’s bright colors without being too gaudy. By layering sheer clothes on top of a brighter tone it still gives the color and vibrancy of the shade, yet in a more delicate way.


Being fashionable doesn’t means you have to wear a full on transparent trend, as we can’t walk on road or bus like this, because being a centre of attraction doesn’t mean showcasing your assets in public but you can add a bit of transparency in your clothes. Wear a half transparent top with a straight pair of trousers or denims or even skirts. Or just add this sheer fabric into the sleeves of top or in back. Even the border of sarees can be made with a sheer fabric.


Sheer is important to keep yourself with fashion but you have to keep in mind sheer will become wear for you if you will max n match, like teaming a sheer shirt beneath a t-shirt and so on. Still if you get confused in how to add sheer in your wardrobe, just buy and wear sheer stalking under your short dresses, it will make you ultra glam.img-thing sheer


But there is not any need to limit this sheer fashion only to the clothes you wear, handbags, footwear and even accessories you can have a see through or transparency in anything.bangles sheer


In short, you can follow this trend freely, and it’s up to you how to add this trend into your wardrobe, as per your requirement and likes.louis-vuitton-handbags-spring-2012


The trend of transparent clothing doesn’t make you walk around half naked: playing hide-and-seek with several layers makes you appear mysterious and alluring.


So girls go now, and make a peek-a-boo-wardrobe and Be Fashionable….!!!!!

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