Oral sex

Oral sex is when the mouth, tongue and/or lips are used to stimulate the genitals. The official term for oral sex on a woman is cunnilingus; on a man, fellatio. Common slang terms for oral sex include “giving head,” “going down,” “blow job” (on a man) and “eating out” (on a woman). The term “69” means simultaneous oral sex.

oral sex is not intercourse, it’s a part of sex–and like any sexual act, it is something you should not participate in unless you are absolutely sure that you want to. Some girls want to remain virgins and think of oral sex as a way to be intimate without intercourse. Virgin or not, the real issue is being comfortable with your decision every time you participate in sexual intimacy. Each experience is a new choice, and your actions always deserve thought and attention.

While statistics and opinions vary, oral sex CAN transmit some sexually transmitted diseases such as herpes, HIV, hepatitis B, gonorrhea, syphilis and/or genital warts.
It’s considered somewhat risky, as STDs can spread from skin-to-skin contact, or if a person’s infected bodily fluids (pre-cum, vaginal fluid, semen, blood) gets into the partner’s bloodstream through cuts and/or sores in the mouth.

The only entirely safe way to perform oral sex on a man is by using a condom on the penis. Some condoms are flavored for this purpose (chocolate and mint in particular). And the only entirely safe way to perform oral sex on a woman is by using a “dental dam” on the vagina.
A dental dam is a square piece of thin latex that is sometimes used in dental procedures. They are available at dental and medical supply stores. A homemade dam can be made by splitting a condom lengthwise or cutting a piece of plastic wrap (though plastic wrap is not necessarily effective against HIV).
STD risk can be lowered by making sure the gums, lips, mouth and throat are healthy; not allowing cum inside the mouth when performing oral sex on a man (though pre-cum, which comes out of the penis before ejaculation, carries all the potential diseases that sperm carries); and not performing oral sex on a menstruating woman.
Some sex educators recommend that a person avoid brushing or flossing their teeth for two hours after unprotected oral sex.
There is nothing inherently unclean about vaginas or penises as long as they are washed regularly. There is no need to feel self-conscious about vaginal taste and mild odor.
Oral sex can be very pleasurable for both people involved–both on the receiving and the giving end. It can continue through to orgasm (generally for the person receiving) or not.

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