Online Backup of Picture Is Very Important

online Photo backup sitesFor many of us, our family and loved ones’ pictures are the most precious data we have on our computer.  If anything took away those photos – a corrupted hard drive, a natural disaster, a glass of water spilled on the keyboard – it can break our heart

That’s why you should consider online backup is so important for photos. Sites that let you share photos – Facebook, flickr, photobucket – have been around for a while. While Facebook lets you upload your pictures for free, just as you upload your posts, digital-photo experts say the quality of the pictures isn’t top-grade because Facebook usually compresses them to take up less room on their servers. So if you lose your pictures on your hard drive and download them from Facebook, you might find that those images don’t match the quality of your originals. Flickr has recently updated their terms and gave every member 1TB of photo and video storage for free. But the company also announced a new offering called Doublr, which gives users the option to upgrade up to 2TB of storage … for $499 a year. there is one more very good photo sharing site “” picasa web is integrated with desktop version , For organizing photos, Picasa has file importing and tracking features, as well as tags, facial recognition, and collections for further sorting. It also offers several basic photo editing functions, including color enhancement, red eye reduction, and cropping. Other features include slide shows, printing, and image timelines. Images can also be prepared for external use, such as for e-mailing or printing, by reducing file size and setting up page layouts. There is also integration with online photo printing services. Other simple editing features include adding text to the image. Picasa supports Google’s WebP image format as well as the JPG format and most Raw image format (RAW files). A user can view and edit RAW files and save the finished edit (as JPG, or other forms) without any changes to the original RAW file.

If you’re an amateur photographer and take thousands of photos, you might also consider one of the digital backup services like Mozy and Carbonite. First, you’ll have to figure out if that’s enough for all your photos. The amount of space a photo takes up depends on its resolution, so bigger pictures will need more room.

These days all photo sharing/backup site have their own mobile apps, now you can keep up-to-date backup of your  mobile camera pictures very easily


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