new year part safety tips for girls

It’s again the Christmas time and New Year that we all have been waiting for the past 12 months. New resolutions were made; new hopes and aspirations fill every ones heart with happiness. Almost every country is in a festive mood with Christmas and New Year just round the corner. Huge celebration takes place in every section of the city. Decorations, shopping offer all bring back the memories of the last year festivities.

When we are busy for New Year party planning, we should also take care of safety measures which will help us to make this season happy and safe

Following are the party or night out safety tips for your protections

You should always watch your drinks

Ladies, watch your drinks, and who is getting them for you. A few a-holes out there think that dropping a drug in your drink is a good idea, so just be prepared. Never accept a drink from a stranger, do not leave a drink unattended and never accept a drink that you didn’t see poured. ,Don’t be afraid to walk away pour out your drink and get another one, if you are unsure, ask if you can have his cup and see his reaction, When you mix young people and alcohol, stupid things happen and situations can very easily get out of hand. If you’re been drinking with a couple of guys and they turn on you, people will blame you. It’s not right, but that won’t make any difference.

Things you should always carry

1. Always carry enough money for a tax

2. A pepper spray

3. don’t forget to carry your cell phone and make sure you have charged the battery before going to party

Never loan a stranger your cell phone and do not leave your purse unattended, when you carry pepper spray on a key chain or in your purse – don’t tell anyone about it. Surprise is a big strategic advantage if you need it.

Never neglect your sixth sense

When the voice in your head says something is wrong, stop and listen. If a date is making your uncomfortable, declare it immediately. Tell them to, “STOP RIGHT NOW”. Do not waffle. Do not worry about being embarrassed or hurting anyone’s feelings. Once you’ve made that clear, leave. You don’t have to leave in a huff, just say that you feel it’s time to go. Leave the option open to go out again (if you’d like) but tonight is over.

Take Care of your Friends

Never leave alone you friend when she’s had too much to drink. There will always be another party, another night out, but your friend is vulnerable and as difficult as she might be – take charge and get her back to where she is safe

Never Trust a stranger

A party is filled with all kinds of people. They do not have an automatic right to your trust. There will be people there who are NOT like the friends you grew up with and really don’t deserve your trust, so hand it out carefully…

You should avoid traveling alone

They say there is power in numbers, and its right, especially when you have been drinking. Yeah your beer goggles may be on, and you may think you have met the man of your dreams who is telling you everything you want to year… check with your friends first, and try not to leave them. There is always tomorrow or next week.

Try to avoid dangerous situations

Avoiding dangerous situations is the easiest way to stay safe. Traveling with friends always helps, but also being aware of your surroundings is key. If you feel you are being followed try to get to a safe location as quick as possible. If you are alone don’t stop to talk to a stranger if you don’t feel comfortable. Try to walk and stay in highly lit areas at night, and always stay within view of other people. Avoid shortcuts through as it could be a prime place to get attacked.

What you should do in dangerous situations

If you still end up in a dangerous situation it is important to know what to do. If you are confronting always have a plan to get out safe. Get on your cell phone with someone you trust and tell them where you are and what is happening, if necessary tell them to call the police. If you can’t get a hold of someone, and you do not feel safe, dial 100 or 911 , and keep your finger on the call button – If something happens hit the button and yell out where you are and what is happening. If someone tries to steal your car, throw the keys far away from the car and run the opposite direction, this will help save you from being kidnapped. If someone attacks you, don’t yell help, yell fire! In any situation where someone asks for your wallet or purse, throw it over them and run away as fast as possible. If you are attacked and you have pepper spray or a tazer, use it!

Always remember, Good people can do bad things and smart people can do stupid things. As simplistic as this sound, a more harmful simplification is the myth that “Stranger Danger” is the greatest risk to a young girl

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