Need to find out why your co-worker with same position getting higher salary

Education background
When you apply for a job, an education back ground is needed. The higher you get the higher your credit before the company. And where did you study also become references for the company. There is some corporations give appreciation more to the foreign university graduate or Indonesia favorite university. The consideration is education quality when he / she took a lecture.
Job experience
The fresh graduate has less experience than that that has experience. Because the corporation doesn’t need to guide him / her.
Job quality
You have filled the target of corporation, but its appreciation is not the same as your partner. But your success just to reach the average. To get the highest point, you have to give outstanding performance. Per harp, your partner can give plus point to company.
Net working is the right grade that supports your daily work. Like to access information, to look into hot issue, and sometime can be used to cut the government system. It is also used by your partner. With this , the corporation can get the profit from it.
All right, the work world needs professionalism, indeed is not a beauty contest or a show off show. But the decent performance you do before your partner has important role in keeping the harmony among them. Furthermore, the mature personality and managed emotion will make it easy to work in a team. Per harp, you can motivate and inspire them to show the best.

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