My Six Yard Love Story

Hey Metroholicas!

Today we are going to talk about a love story which is six yard long, which is evergreen and which is adored by every generation.

Saree, the six yard long piece of clothing is the most traditional and graceful piece to adorn. Everyone loves saree, your grandmother, mother and even mother in law, they don’t mind the six inch gap which accentuates your midriff area because everyone thinks “saree hai to sanskari hai”, even the guys think a girl looks most prettiest in a saree, though metroholica doesn’t believes in the utter nonsense of sanskari and all but we completely support a saree.

It adds much feminity and elegance in your look. Sarees come in a way lot of varieties that it is hard to explain all of them in just one single blog post but today metroholica is going to talk about the upgraded version of a saree I.e. a Ruffled Saree.

We, fashionistas have always supported ruffled skirts, dresses, handbags, shoes etc. It’s time now to show your love to a ruffled saree because it is biggest fashion upgrade of this year, the designers and celebrities everyone is getting fond of this saree revolution, so it is hard for us to stay away from it too.

A ruffled saree is your way of adorning traditional look by staying modern at the same time. It looks so chic and stylish. It is making its place in fashion runways and all the other major events too.

A printed chiffon ruffled saree must be your pick if you are going in a day event or any small gathering.

If you want to flaunt your ruffled saree in a  more extravagant event like a cocktail party or even a marriage, then go for a shiny, glittery and the one with embellishments or other detailings.

Keep your accessories minimal while opting for a ruffled saree look and let your saree do all the talking. Don’t forget to wear heels with sarees, as they add more definition and give you an elongated look.

TIP:- If you or your mother have a saree which no one has used from years, a saree which is taking space in your wardrobe because you are bored of wearing it buy can’t drift it away, then take it out, go to a fashion boutique or a tailor you can trust completely and ask them to upgrade it and add ruffles to its border, you will get a brand new and better than before saree and trust me you will never ever regret doing it.

With the new year, it is time to upgrade your style statements, go on and be confident about flaunting a ruffled saree look and Be Fashionable…!!!

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