Mint – a truly impressive online money-manager. - a truly impressive online money-manager.

If you are looking for a website to manage your finances simply but haven’t yet been able to find it. We found Mint for you, an amazingly useful and simple to use file

They are connected to thousands of checking, savings, credit card, brokerage, loan and retirement accounts so you’ll see the big picture. Access balances and transactions anytime to always know where you stand. and what you owe, compile budgets for you, alert you if anything unusual is going on in your account, etc. It really casts some perspective on what you’re spending too.

It also compares your cash to your debt and will tell you if your APRs are too high, like a electronic financial planner. If they added a bill pay and tracking function, it’d be perfect. Also, and you don’t have to concern about the security.

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